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To continue playing great games on , you need to enable plugin called Flash. The main purpose is to allow users to learn the basics of the game through a more limited version. Some of the characters include a wheelchair guy who has a special ability to boost the wheelchair. With more than 50,000,000 plays and a rating of 4.45 stars from over 66,000 votes, Pokemon Training developed by IAMURHUSBAND is one of the most played and popular featured level.

How these are tasked and implemented from a user's usability standpoint will be a deciding factor of how far the level editor will go. If it is clumsy and a pain, users are less likely to generate the same quality and dynamic nature of levels that we have come to expect.

Happy Wheels received 215 likes from our users. Use any means to reach in one piece or you will end up as an ugly half body zombie. All of the levels on Happy Wheels are very creatively named and vary a lot in style so there is no chance that you will get bored playing.

Unlike other boring racing games this one is on a completely new level of craziness, things that you can do here and things which can be done to your character are just unbelievable, one moment your driving safely and another moment giant spinning sword cuts your body and throws parts of it in all directions.

Newgrounds is the first home for Happy Wheels outside of my own site. Extraordinary, crazy, mind blowing and funny flash game - Happy Wheels demo is one of its kind. One flash game that is drawing increasing praise and support is Happy Wheels Combining the need for skill with entertaining game play, Happy Wheels is worth checking out and giving it a try.

So if you are looking for a highly addictive game that is full of blood and gore then you should look no further than Happy Wheels. Although there are basic instructions that are applied throughout the game, every level has its own instructions that change along the game.

"Invincible" - the body parts take a lot before they separate from the body and even then you're not dead - we did this to preserve most of the blood! To play as the fat lady choose Irresponsible Dad, then quickly choose the fat lady, you should then play as her.